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© 2013 Leora Records

All songs written and produced by Deedra Wong on Logic software except for “Crime” music written by Ethnomite Pux and “Into the Universe” music written by Derek Heimlich.

All songs mixed by Alex James Muscat at Muscat Sound in Daly City, CA

Except for "A Place" produced and mixed by Derek Heimlich

"Into the Universe" music produced and mixed by Derek Heimlich, vocal mix by Deedra Wong

"Crime" music produced by Ethnomite Pux, vocal mix by Deedra Wong

Thank you to Alex James Muscat for playing:

Bass and piano on "Maybe"

Percussions on "The Future"

Bass on "Prince Charming"

808 drums and strum stick solo on "Dream"

Thank you to Derek Heimlich for playing:

Guitar on "Angel Sings While Devil Lies"

Special love and thank you: To my husband, Kurt Wurnitsch, without you...I wouldn't be myself. To my always loving, supportive, and open minded family...Mom, Dad, Paw Paw, Asa, and Fallon, you all rock like rock stars. Marianne "On Yen" Wurnitsch for always being there supporting me. Auntie Natalie for getting me rooms in Reno so I could write music when I didn't feel like gambling. Derek, thank you for teaching me LOGIC, how to write a song, and for answering all of my desperate questions. Alex, thank you for your no nonsense music industry advice and telling me my songs were pretty good at a time when I didn't believe they were so good. James Cleeland, thank you for the track all the way from the far east and hitting me up on Myspace back in the day. Scott Krajca, thank you for always cheering me on and being such a great friend.  And last but not least...Peaches, BB, and Quanda...thanks for not meowing when I needed to record. THANK YOU TO ALL ARTISTS AND MUSICIANS IN THE WORLD. WITHOUT YOU, THE WORLD WOULD PRETTY MUCH SUCK.